Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Make an Origami Box for Small Gifts like Small Friends/Småkompisar!

We hope to inspire you to do some origami paper folding crafts in December. We just love these origami boxes that will make all your Christmas gifts, even a tiny gift, seem impressive. We find them beautiful, useful and believe it or not - very simple to make. We give you step by step folding instructions further down the page.

Hang them on a sting in the Christmas tree, or many boxes in a row to make a countdown Christmas Advent calendar. 

Now, you will need some pretty origami paper to get started! We use standard size 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inch) square origami paper.

1. Start with a square piece of paper, white side up. Fold in half diagonally into a triangle.
2. Fold that triangle in half by taking the right corner and folding it to the left.
Now, you have a smaller triangle. Crease and unfold your small triangle.
3. Take the bottom right corner and fold it to the top corner, and the bottom left corner and fold it to the top corner.
4. Make 2 more modules so you have 3 altogether.

5. To join modules, slip one set (paper 1) of “legs’” into the opposite “square” (paper 2). Push the legs in as far as they will go.
6. Place your gift (a Small Friend) inside before closing the origami box.
7. The final steps is a bit tricky, but with the third piece of paper, repeat step no. 5.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Friends Of The Month, December 2011!

Join us in this great cause, to provide all children at the Children's Home in Udupi, India a safe and loving home, education and hope for the future. We appreciate all fundraising efforts and donations no matter how small it is. 100% of your donated funds go directly to the Children's Home, to manage the cost of running the home, medical needs and education. The cost for each child is about 150 SEK (1000 Rs) per month.

We raise extra money for Christmas presents for the children this year. Donations can be made to "Småkompisar Helps" Swedish bank account no. 225-1130. To make a transaction from abroad - please e-mail us for IBAN no. Thanks for your contribution!

For more information about the Children's Home, please visit Barnhemmet i Udupi Facebook page for latest updates and pics.

If you would like to be a part of this great project throughout the year - please contact us at info (at)

The Children's Home in India was established in 1992, with a mission to provide destitute children a better future. The present building was constructed in 2002, through support from SIDA, PMU and many helpful individuals in Sweden. Today, it is home to 72 children from age 4-16. To manage the cost of running the home, they are dependent on the donations received from friends around the world. No grants or any kind of funding comes from the Indian government.